Coffee and breakfast time

Yeah a little bit high today after last nights feast and overindulging
I had taken my insulin about 1 hour earlier wanting to make sure my to get my head back in the happy place between 5 and 10 but I overshot by not eating after my dose…

Good morning friends, as you can see I am still a diabetic and watch my sugars like a hawk. I’m not always perfect managing them but I am getting better.

As for breakfast, the coffee is fresh ground Verona dark roast, with vanilla-toffee-caramel creamer and the raisin toast is spread with Nutella. A yummy combination sure to bring my sugars back to a good number.

Already I can feel more alert and like how I like feeling inside my body and comfortable being inside my own skin now that I’m down to sipping my coffee with my book nearby.

As we have been settling in I already have a new project for the house, setting up a new led light we got at the Regina Costco. It’s going into the kitchen as the new light.

I hope that it’s as easy as the last hanging light I hung 🧐but I am sure I’ll manage, this isn’t my first dog and pony show 😉 and yes there will be more to come about the light.

Stay safe friends