Sharing Mistress

Good morning friends. It is with some trepidation that I bring this subject up today but I feel that it’s something that I should discuss. It stems from a discussion Mistress had with me yesterday.

Time is precious and my time with Mistress more so, and I know that she is busy with life, work and school. It leaves very little time to spend one on one. Now that I have got that out of the way I can express the difficulties that come with sharing outside the time constraints.

Everyone has feelings around their own partner, some of which are both jealousy and possessiveness. When joining in with a couple to become part of a thruple it is not just your Mistress that you need to accept as part of your life but also their sub as well.

I know that I have been in the same position as any other person wanting to join us in this lifestyle and I know that in the past I didn’t handle it well. Life teaches and we either learn or we become wanton miserable fools destined to repeat mistakes.

Lessons learned from my experience with D&n are simple. Respect the other partners. Broadcasting issues and problems to the world is most definitely not a healthy way that endears anyone to you. I know if you have read my stuff for some time you may know what I speak of.

Be yourself, honest with both yourself and the partners you are looking to join and respect their relationship. It has been there for a while, you won’t break it. Trust your Mistress.

The reason for this post is because a potential new person who has been in touch wants to join. I know that being one of her subs is a treat.

Best wishes to all of you friends. Stay safe😈