Black lives matter

Hello friends, over the past week or two Mistress and I have been discussing the movement. It has become quite large after the officer in USA nealt on a suspect black man’s neck and subsequently killed him.

He wasn’t resisting arrest and by all that I have learned since the incident I can’t help but be ashamed that a fellow white man would do that to another human being. The officer was supposed to be serving and protecting, not murdering suspects. It should have been a peaceful arrest of the suspect, and begs the question, is that how all cops are trained?

This was uncalled for and very disturbing

In the performance of their duty, law enforcement officials shall respect and protect human dignity and maintain and uphold the human rights of all persons.

Back in time, at least a decade ago First Nations in both Penticton, BC as well as in Ontario, Canada have been forced into standoffs with police and it was much of the same over the top behaviour by the police in several cases. I won’t cite a reference for that now because I cannot recall the dates of those standoffs but my point is that it’s not just happening to colored people but rather it’s systematic racism that is rampant in both countries.

Do we not bleed the same blood? Do we not enjoy the same food and movies? Do we not do the same jobs? We are all humans, people who have many differences but we are all still human. With the Covid-19 epidemic, we were shown that we are all the same in our vulnerability to the virus. As such it behooves us to think of each other not as different colour but rather as fellow citizens of the planet earth and to treat each other as such.

I am asking you to change the way you think about the next person to you who may not be your race or religion and remember that just because they are different than you it doesn’t matter that they are, they still have the same rights as you as a human being.

I’ve noticed that when Mistress and I go shopping together, while she is Black and I white it’s often the case that I will get faster, more helpful service than she gets. It blew my mind when she pointed it out to me and so I started to pay attention to how we both are being treated separately as well when we talk to staff together.

It is true, when I ask for help it’s usually fairly accurate as well as helpful in the response from the staff, while often the response Mistress gets is unhelpful, inaccurate, disrespectful and or rude.

That’s not to say that this is an all the time thing but rather it’s like it’s a response that is given without thought and automatic for a person different from who they are. That my friends are what is called racism.

The idea that my kids have to deal with this because of their heritage part first nations makes me scared that someday someone may try to use it against them. I know that both Mistress, as well as her kids, have had to deal with it their whole lives and I don’t understand why as Canadian citizens that they have to deal so much hate from neighbours and colleagues.

Perhaps we, as humans are just failing, we make rules about what is acceptable and what is not, but fail to adhere to laws and even scriptural teaching and press and subjugate others to cruelty that should not be allowed or tolerated. De-colonize your thinking.

We are no longer conquering other lands or even beginning to colonize other planets but there is still this mindset that one race is superior to another and it isn’t right. Check yourself and evaluate what I have said here today. We are all human, capable of making mistakes and I hope that you reading this will help you understand that we are all one people and one species who all deserve to be respected and treated with dignity.