Stretching pt 1

Over the past few months Mistress and I have been discussing stretching and how and what we have decided to stretch. Well truth be told Mistress has said what she wants to stretch and I am definitely ok with her choices.

It all started with her desire to stretch, quickly turning to my asshole. I guess that some of our earlier play encouraged her to attempt the same with my ass…we are up to 4 fingers. While we were on our trip to Saskatchewan we picked up a large plug in the interest of stretching.

I gotta say I really love the large plug and am eager for the next size up. Omg dose it feel divine being plugged up and given the ability to express my feelings of gratitude with your cock going in and out of you while I’m plugged.

Yes I have a very greedy asshole but I trust Mistress to take care of all my needs as I try to continue to take care of hers.

Today is a good day and I hope that the flowers I got Mistress bring a smile to her face, as I failed this morning to rouse her as I know that I should have.

I am yours Mistress and I will continue to do what I can to bring sunshine and joy to you even though I don’t get it right all the time. You are my favourite person.