Good afternoon friends, and what a sopping wet day it is. Today while sitting on Mistress’s balcony I saw the most beautiful autumn sight and couldn’t help but admire the beauty we have around us everywhere we go.

With the changing of the season on the coast the most striking thing I’ve noticed is that the lower mainland in BC is exceedingly wet and we can tell which season we are in by the number of rain days in the week. Summer has 1 to 3 days, Fall has 4 to 6 days and spring it rains every other day and Winter just keeps on raining.

This post isn’t me complaining about the rain but rather acknowledging it is a part of life here as well as expressing how calming the rain can be. One of my favourite activities in the past has been going on walks and finding big puddles to go splashing through and I am sure that many of you have enjoyed it just as much as me.

I bring up splashing in puddles because it ties back to way back in my past when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and because I had my 40th birthday in October and this is the first time I have mentioned my age. With my birthday came some changes, both in the frequency of my posts and the type of posts I make.

An update on stretching…last week Mistress managed to fist my gaping asshole. I’ve always wanted to be a hand puppet 😉 and given our relationship and the dynamics its kinda appropriate given my tasks I perform for Mistress as her submissive concubine.

Stay safe friends😈