Going under the knife

This morning I got the much anticipated and dreaded call to book the surgery for my right-hand today. It was dreaded because I really have been slacking on wearing my splint which straightens my hand. No excuses, I just have anxiety about it plus it’s painful to wear. Lol I know that those are excuses.

The other thing that is a little bit anxiety-causing is that the surgery will happen in Kelowna, where I started the surgery train to get my hands both fixed. Recovery time? I hope quickly but anticipate 6 to 8 weeks before I’m good to resume my normal activities which is going to be difficult…and I worry about being able to wipe my ass while I recover.

So to what I’m getting done is getting my middle finger fixed hopefully an my carpal tunnel fixed. This is all happening to my right hand, which is my mouse hand, so I will get to deal with changes in how I do things and how I function. I am just thankful that the end of one issue is near.

Have you hugged your minions today?😎😈