It’s that simple part 2

For part 1 here it is Simple pt1 and to continue with my desire to replace my card that was broken here is the celebration part…it was that simple.

Anxiety has a really sneaky way of working on us. When my card stopped working well I threw up so many barriers in my mind as to how hard it was going to be but when I planned out the solution and just followed the steps it was super easy, even though it was time-consuming and took a couple of different destinations as well as getting lost once while following my GPS to my walking all over downtown.

If I would have known how simple it was to fix my problem I would have done it the day it happened, but procrastination about doing the simple thing really didn’t help. Don’t make it that hard to get done what you need to do. You know how to get to where you want to be in your life, just do it.

It’s hard for me to understand if I’m talking to you my readers or myself when I am promoting action rather than talking about kink or life but I like to believe that I’m talking to myself as well as you.

So instead of sitting and reading for the rest of my day I am going to keep it simple and get started on my tasks for the day. Dishes and the vacuuming and taking the garbage down. I am sure some more will come up but it’s time to get the day going 😎