Hand maintenance

Yes I am finally going to get the wrap I have on my hand off.

Hand surgery is painful. Hopefully the end result is positive. After all the difficulty I’ve been experiencing getting my hand fixed it looks like the end is near. The only thing left after the 4 weeks post op as I am getting a splint for my hand is the pin removal.

I cannot say how great it feels to have the original brace off and the new one on instead. The fact that I can now take showers instead of baths is just icing on the cake. My only complaint is that yesterday when I went to the hand clinic to get the new splint and getting turned away from my appointment at Royal Columbia hospital and being forced to go to the Jim Patterson clinic instead is going to be a sore point that I am sure down the road I’ll be complaining about again.

All things considered, I am well and so I’ll just say that I am comfortable with the new version of this brace and I am glad that I will get better soon and now I just need to bear the pain, keep it clean and soon I’ll be able to get the pins out. Only 4 weeks left to go.

Stay safe friends and wash your hands, mask up in public. The vaccine is on the way.