Healing time

Good morning friends, today I have some news to share. My pins are out as well as my stitches. All that’s left in the healing process is to keep it clean and continue taking my prescribed antibiotics. This is a huge deal at this point, as last week I had a health scare and an infection in my hand. I’d been on daily iv antibiotics for 7 days and now that I am out of the woods in terms of how close I came to losing a hand.

After the infection is gone it will be a lot of physical therapy to restore my finger to a movable digit again. Much of my time now is spent working with the post-op hand trying to get it back to what it should be able to do. Thankfully I can still use the hand for signaling 😈 but I guess that is not exactly what I need but rather a pleasant surprise.

Stay safe friends πŸ˜‰