Happy Belated New Year

Good afternoon friends, and welcome to another episode of my collection of thoughts on stuff that is random and with some news as well as a link to another place you may benefit from.

Working on making a fist post-op🤓

With the new year and restrictions due to covid, it’s still looking like the year holds great promise with a vaccine being administered. My hand is coming along nicely in what it can now do and the exercises are making a huge difference.

With the new year, I’ve begun doing something that I feel will be beneficial to me, I’ve starting investing my money.

Wealthsimple is what I’m using and it’s fairly straightforward. Even bankers are using it for stocks and cryptocurrency. This came about because my savings account never seemed to increase in value.

Is your money working for you? I know mine has been today, and I know that gaining $4 due to a couple of investments doesn’t seem like much but it’s more than any bank has given me in a savings account. With a bit of luck and carefully managing my investments, I hope to grow it to something that retirement will benefit from.

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic about my decision to invest but after spending most of my life working for the man who in my opinion isn’t always paying what is appropriate for whatever job I’ve been doing, I find that I am more comfortable with investing in companies that are making a difference than working for someone else. It won’t stop me from working but I can take comfort in the idea that I have assets now and there is comfort in that.

Last year I was very much hoping to get my class 6 licence so that I could drive a motorcycle but alas, I didn’t make it to the test so I will have to rebook it and maybe this year I’ll get to it. We shall see. The licences are something both Mistress and I have planned and missed but plan to do.

What’s on your list that you want for this year?