Have you ever been recognized for something that you have no idea how you got given credit when you feel the credit may not be justified? Sometimes I feel like I’m just speaking to the wind but I do recognize who gave me credit because if I am right I met her at the new year’s bash at the FVU mansion 2019-2020 so maybe I should keep closer tabs on acquaintances and friends of friends I interact with.

Last year began poorly but ended with a good change in circumstances and the love of Mistress so I must not have fucked up too bad…and life continues. A couple of days ago I started a new series of books Mistress gave me to read.

The series is called “Shadowlands” by Cherise Sinclaire and for some reason it reminded me of the FVU house. The club and the music, the multiple different fetishes and the safe, sane and consensual play. I really do miss the play parties that we are forced to not have due to safety concerns. I do hope that eventually we will be freed of the covid concerns and we can all return to how things were before.

Good on you Fraser Valley Underground for being the safe same voice of reason and following government rules about gathering as much as it crimps the lifestyle wings, I know for myself I prefer to be safe.

Love your partners, enjoy what you have because we have now, can live in the now rather than yesterday, the now can be sufficient. There will always be tomorrow for possibilities so I will embrace the now and all the good things it can offer.