The past

The past can be a funny thing while reminiscing. Over the past few days an acquaintance asked me about the past and a past relationship because they were looking for insight. Clearly I am in a relationship with Mistress and I don’t fail to keep my promises regarding my life and they were made to the person in question so it is a fine line for what I can and cannot say about what happened.

Ultimately, I believe that my relationship between the two of us the acquaintance asked about helped me grow as a person and now that I am in Vancouver rather than New Westminster for most of the time and in a relationship that I enjoy truly I have no real major complaints about how the relationship ended.

We don’t recognize sometimes what is going to be best for us until it happens.  If I would have done something different, rather than blaming the person who invited me to new year’s two years ago and just taken that as a learning experience rather than betrayal maybe that relationship between the two of us would be different but I’m glad I grew from the relationship.

In relation to today for me it seems like whatever did happen in the past with D and n was mostly for the best. Do I regret trying to pursue her? Not really, too many good things have changed for me and my living arrangements since New Years Eve 2000 so I will continue my journey with no regrets about lost loves and press on with my journey.

Be well friends and stay kinky😈