Vancouver train rides

It’s an interesting change while riding during covid and the changing in rules and regulations in the lower mainland. The most notable one for me is that masks are recommended but not required. With the changes posted by the government and the reduction in cases of the disease being posted it seems ridership appears to be up. The trains are back to being crowded or at least back to normal use.

It is good to see that most people are still using masks with the exception of a few. Yes I have already had both vaccine shots so I probably don’t need my mask but while I know it’s unlikely to get covid now, there are varients that are potentially more dangerous than the original, the varients that we have been innoculated for but such is life. I still get the flu shot too…

Wow, is it just me or is there a problem with the train? Yup the conducter just said computer problems. Not to be too much information but seems like I am stuck at Royal Oak for a little bit.