Applying for work

For all the years I’ve worked I am surprised continuously by the change in how to apply. For instance in the past I talked with people I knew who I was close to either by friendship or family as well as starting my own that lasted for a few years.

It is becoming more difficult with covid and also more lucrative with some companies offering hiring bonuses for the ones already able to prove vaccination from covid. I would imagine that most service industry type businesses like bars and restaurants require it to work.

Most recently I was promoted for a list of places that I have lived over the past seven years along with a criminal record check and while the CRC was expected the places I’ve lived in the last seven years was not expected. Is this a privacy invasion? Is this normal?

Why am I looking for work? It has become more expensive to live the lifestyle I want to live within my current financial state, meaning I want to spend money and buy stuff. It’s the classic reason and it certainly not unexpected, although my semi retired self still wishes for a miracle like winning the lottery such is life that working is a next step I hope to take soon.

Best wishes to everyone reading in your endeavors.