Wow it’s October already

I am a little bit surprised at how quickly we got to October. It seems like yesterday that we celebrated new years day and already we are getting for Halloween. It seems like cooping everyone inside has blurred my calendar sense. If you have been stuck inside a significant amount lately because work from home is the new norm them you are not alone. With more and less contact allowed being double vaccinated allows some freedom but not much as it’s still dangerous to group up. This isn’t even because swapping spit can be dangerous but due to the way viruses work and while many are double vaccinated even the vaccinated can get the virus. Apparently being human has a low life expectancy, still waiting for the immortal life virus guys come on… waiting for us to have to have “communion”…”eat my flesh, drink my blood” for a person growing up in a Christian household communion holds a whole different meaning when you have been watching zombie movies, or vampire movies and truly it would not surprise me if one day we all found out that secretly there are those out and roaming around us. Hell, sign me up to be a vamp I’m down, at least Mistress would be ok with that I think. Still waiting for the cure that make virus like this a thing talked about like polio. Where it’s not going to affect your life anymore.

Stay safe friends, and if you do contract vampirism, let me know…stop in for a pint đŸ˜‰