Elbow grease

Hah so Mistress gave me a task today that I have been looking forward to for awhile…as in every time I have gone in when it is in disarray. Thank you Mistress for allowing me to tidy up the disaster work area. I know that you mean well but accepting help make me feel better about our relationship and the space you work in.

The fact that we spent time working together on the living room and managed to transform our mess into livable space again really makes me feel better about doing what you tell me to do, and reminded me that you can be a tidyer person and it doesn’t solely fall on me to be tidy. I love what you did in the corner by the TV. It looks amazing.

I know that we get busy and we get tired and don’t want to do stuff sometimes but omg this feels nice. I’m starting to feel a little bit worried about the laundry room though….that’s definitely the next space to Uhm pick up the stuff and find homes for it, hopefully soon. šŸ˜

Stay safe friends and be good to each other.