Oh the fun of riding transit

A fellow rider

So as normal many ride the trains and had a chat with a border taking me back to my youth. Of fun days skating around doing tricks and hanging out with friends. Makes me want to get back out there on a skateboard but thinking about what my body feels like right now I’m not sure if I have it in me to do it. Would it be like the last time I went snowboarding, cold and extremely tiring. Especially with the rain around Vancouver…makes an old man out of me thinking. *Sigh*

Better days are coming I’m sure but with age comes wisdom, I hope. I’ve also thought about getting a bike and then remember why I don’t riding the train and bus…so much more efficient. Better yet the car or SUV I should say. Time passes and the important things change. As much as I like to think about how much I enjoyed the experience of all of the different places I’ve gone on them I know that I have grown out of them, changed to be a different person.

Of course this is all just musings while riding. Happy trails everyone as I approach my stop and my next birthday.

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