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…no internet connection, plug in ethernet Cable…sigh. This is is a recurring problem with my desktop. It’s not that I don’t maintain it, but it seems as hardware requirements change so do our devices.

Currently I am weighing the thought of doing an upgrade on my desktop PC. It’s an i3 with 12gb ram and several terabytes of storage not to mention liquid cooling…but the network card is not behaving as it should…so replacement of the card is necessary.

I have 2 options that will also add Bluetooth capabilities to my desktop, but here is the conundrum, a 10 year old computer vs fixing a newer laptop, which has mostly only a bad screen ATM. Alternatively I could pursue both options and just take the time and wait until I know if I don’t want to get a brand new laptop.

I had already been thinking about a new one. More portable than the desktop and with all the features new ones are getting. Honestly I just wanted to do some video gaming on my desktop to enjoy a quiet Sunday…and I wanted to do some pew pew and wreck some online bits with online space game stuff. That was not to be today, but I guess that’s ok, it’s still a challenge that will change how I use my PC and how I maintain it. Last 2 upgrades were video card and the PSU.

I know I’m not the only one who has older gear that they use to have fun on, it’s always a race to get gear upgraded. I look forward to it and I guess instead of pewing space pirates I can work on communicating with you and maybe more of my latest book.


  1. I vote for getting a new laptop.
    But what do I know? I use my Ethernet cable all the damn time so I don’t have video meetings interrupted all the time… and I have a Mac Air, not even a PC.
    And hi!!

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    • My main concern is that I can game, write and wireless, the original thought I had was a Chromebook but can’t play eve on it, tried and failed. Had access to a Chromebook a few months ago and tested out it’s capabilities. From what devs at CCP say they have added apple capabilities to the platform so a mac is also a thought but all my software is either windows or Linux so…I still need a new laptop though so if it can be used for writing and is portable definitely in the plans

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  2. I mean, I always vote for a Mac, but I know they’re pricey. And eventually you’d want to change everything to Apple. It would be nice if there wasn’t this split between them… Post about it when you get something!


    • One of my roommates is a die hard apple fan, heck I have shares too but as nice as apples are my budget only ATM really allows for Linux laptops. Currently I have my desktop up and running yes on Linux as I work to fix the windows partition. Network card 2 was a winner 😄 and so far for $40 it’s better than getting a mac, much love for them. I used to be a hypercard afficionado but grade 3 me needs old people tech now lol

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