Coffee time

Check specs before you buy… there’s definitely a lesson in this. So I’ve got my dark roast flavored with cinnamon bun creamer and a second network card on the way and a return to sender network card sitting on the entrance shelf waiting to be mailed and figured I’d let y’all know about the bad order I made.

The card recieved was supposed to be the top of the line best card replacement for my wireless PCI slot card. Unfortunately I failed to read the specs on the card I received before it arrived. It was a PCIe slot card which my motherboard doesn’t support. Silly me right? I was super stoked about it being able to do Bluetooth 5.1 so failed to see that it was PCIe rather than PCI. Literally there is a really good reason to have a PCIe slot on a motherboard but mine is original to my desktop so I have yet to upgrade the motherboard.

Yes the card on the way due here on Wednesday is a PCI slot network card so hopefully it will be what I need. It’s odd that I am still upgrading my desktop but it has been both my gaming machine as well as my coding machine since  bought it for $500 ten years ago…with much money invested I have a hard time letting it go. So I will plug along with my phone which I’ve replaced five or six times since starting this blog and hope that things will work out with the desktop until I can fix the screen on the laptop Mistress says I can use after fixed.

I remember when I first got the desktop, I had been using a Toshiba satellite laptop to do school, gaming and coding but it couldn’t take the load so an online friend sent me a desktop motherboard, ram etc and I hooked it up to a monitor. All was doing good until it caught fire 🔥🔥🔥. So I replaced it with my current one.

Nothing lasts forever but if you maintain what you have you can eek years of work and play out of your toys…and yes that’s what it was for many a year. Now though it is a hurting unit in need of a reset to new Windows 10…when is 11 coming? Maybe it’s just time to get a Chromebook and call it a day heh, I am not sure about that idea, low computing power and not sure my games will work on it. Oh well. Fix both and save the Chromebook idea for when money is flowing more readily, they really are great for blogging and Netflix, checking your email but I can do all that from my phone so here’s hoping that I ordered the right network card and I can resume my fun times on my desktop.

Stay safe friends and check specs before you buy, it’ll save you time and money.