Winter wonderland

Stanley Park Vancouver BC

Mistress made sure to make me uncomfortable for our drive before we left the house….she put the biggest plug in me and it’s still in right now as I publish this post. It’s been a few hours with it in and as time passes the lube wears down. Thank goodness a little bit of adjustment in the bathroom sorted out most of the discomfort from the lube drying.

Stepped into the washroom at the restaurant twice while enjoying supper to adjust the plug…dry lube is a challenge

We went with Mom and so discussion of my discomfort was not something I felt comfortable talking about without an explanation which I most certainly don’t have aside from “needs to visit the little boys room,” as an explanation. Lol 😈

Mistress suggested taking a video rather than just pictures. The snow coming down while driving through Stanley Park was amazing. Since the park the snow away from it has been turned into slush all over….heh welcome to Vancouver.

Stay safe friends 😈and hopefully kinky too😉