Spring cleaning

As the weather is beginning to change I have started to work on my own personal spring cleaning. Since I have moved from the lovely home I had been renting into Mistress’s home it quickly became apparent that combined we have quite a bit of stuff that most certainly takes up space and finding space is exactly what I need to do to finish my unpacking process.

I started with the stuff to donate and stuff to throw away, and already I have removed 2 bags of stuff that I had and felt were in no condition to donate and have a box packed and ready to donate. I do still have 2 pieces of furniture I am not sure if I should hold onto or donate to a worthy cause or sell. One is a shelving unit that I used as a dresser with plastic tubs to hold clothing and several shelves, all of which was disassembled to move here and a bedside table which is in perfect condition and have had since my move from Kelowna.

Yes that all seems to be appropriate to sell or donate which leaves me with my desk for furniture which in all reality I was considering assembling once I’ve secured a location to set it up and put my computer on. I know that where it is now gives me room to work on stuff and maybe the desk is worth selling too. I guess its time to start seeing what amount of space I have to set up the desk and see if I have room or if stuff can be arranged in the room to make everything fit.

Well no time like the present…I’m off to do more cleaning so have a lovely day.