Fun with computerised phones

Well its not that fun when you are trying to do something on a cell and it just doesn’t let you because your password is not working. From noon til 3 pm today I spent my time between vaping and being on hold with service providers discussing the issue in question, “why can I not log in?” and actually succeeding in accomplishing logging in to the desired account.

The 3 hours of time allowed me to gain some perspective. The most obvious being that it has been a significant amount of time since last logging into the account…need to change that.

I have also noticed that for the amount of time we spend on our phones is directly proportional to the amount of free time we have, and the reason this is…games and Fetlife/Facebook. LoL sometimes its even listening to tunes or checking Twitter…do you still use Twitter? I know some people use Whats-app or Snap-chat or Telegram or some other variant so really all I am saying is that our phones are distractions that probably are best set aside to become more focused.

I know I set my phone aside for a time to write this up, yes just so it was easier to write but hey it is what it is.

Happy March and Happy Hump Day from me to you