Funny things in the hood

The lofty accommodations

Mistress brought attention to me that if you look around, often you will see wildlife in places that you don’t expect. For instance the Canada geese on an apartment building or the raccoon in the dumpster.

Say hi to Fred

While we still had snow on the balcony he was napping where I am writing this post.

The funny part about the raccoon is that growing up my family had the pleasure of having a clutch of racoons as pets . They are very interesting creatures. They can disassemble electronics super fast…this one time we had a radio… unattended that a pair of them stripped down to it’s components in maybe 10m if that. They also like playing with people, if they have a relationship with you like your cat or dog would.

Oftentimes I’ve heard people call them trash pandas. It’s a mostly unfair thing to call them but I like my little friend who actually answers to Fred. The little guy’s got to eat too so my trash panda is welcome to whatever he finds in that dumpster.

Hah! Two posts today ftw.

May you enjoy the wildlife as much as me😊