It’s camping season again

Today BC Camping is allowing us to reserve campsites as of 7 am the site has the setup and options and aside from it not working as intended (for me) it is looking to be a relatively good site. Its interesting to see that as far as government websites go, this one is fairly straight forward. There are obviously some things that I would like to change on the website to make it work better for me but it certainly is frustrating me at the moment.

The plan this year is to try out our new SUV tent and use the SUV to sleep in. Last year when we were camping at Golden Ears both Mistress and I noticed that it was rather cold compared to what either of us are used to even though the temperature was around 12 to 15 Celsius. Warmer clothes are planned as well as using the SUV as a source of warmth so it should be better I hope.

Oh to be an actual programmer again to work on sites that give me grief! Knowledge and skill is one thing but landing contracts with the government to fix broken stuff is still just out of reach, at least at the moment. Perhaps these new courses I’m eyeballing will get me into the field again.