Getting ready

Getting ready…

We are getting ready to head out of town this weekend for a zero connectivity time. Yes we’re taking our phones and chargers as we have a small bit of recording to do but to be going online…no.

What that means is I hope to write a bit and send it skyward when I can. Wait a sec. I’ve said I’d write…yes but I guess it also includes sharing a bit. I will tell you this, we are camping using our SUV tent and bringing our cats. So lots of pussy in the wild and I am sooooo doomed lol 😳🤣.

No I mean cats in the wild and as dirty as that sounds no I mean that the kittens will be camping for their first time. We will see how well it works as it’s kind of a little bit of don’t want to leave them and nervous about letting others in to our space. Sheesh silly anxiety doing it’s thing.

I’ve taken dogs camping and they’re normally alright. How cats behave in the wild will definitely be interesting. Now I guess it’s time to get back to packing.