Challenges faced

Today I am feeling challenged in what I am about to do, waiting for a meeting with an advisor. Advisor for work, and getting work. Not really my desired appointment, would rather have a job interview than meet with my advisor.

Does it make sense to meet with the advisor? I hope so and will soon seen if it is beneficial or not. Only one way to succeed and that is to face the challenge with honor and genuine honesty.

Just got home from the meeting and it seems like the meeting went well. We talked about what the goal is, and challenges as a diabetic that I face daily if not hourly and how I’ve been tackling the challenges and how I have been working on improving myself and the way I have to work to maintain my body while tackling tasks.

Now for the homework she gave me so that I can get started on the education for the job before I even set foot back onto a worksite. Yes this means that I am working towards retraining so that I can work in my desired field. If I do the homework WorkBC will pay for my first bit of schooling I need to do to become the apprentice I want to be.

I believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to doing, and with the support needed to make the transition back in to the workforce I will be able to take the next step and the next one after that and on and on to the next one until I’m there and not just apprentice but journeyman and a successful one.

Maybe I should have started off the post with “I have a dream…” Lol šŸ¤£ and yes I know that I’m sounding more positive than when I began to write today but I do feel like I accomplished something today by first taking the step that often is so hard, asking for help.

Yeah I know that I needed this today, I’m taking my life in my hands and working to change it for the better. Go ahead and celebrate your successes and pump yourself up, we are who we make ourselves.

Do something today to make your life better.