Coffee time minus the coffee

Good afternoon friends. Much has happened around the world in the last few weeks. War and response to war as well as a weird stuff happening with crypto currency to name a few. Fortunately I have some good news regarding my health, the new Dexcom sensors and overlay patch seem to be working great. This means less finger pricks and more ease with my medication.

Now for the hard part, consistent numbers and adjusting for work when I get to the work part of the day. It’s a constant manageable thing to make sure I am ok, unfortunately sometimes I’m not ok.

It’s the not ok times that I always worry will pop up while I am doing things, going for walks or driving a vehicle. That worry is always in the back of my mind clawing at my confidence and while my new tools alleviate some worry it still remains.

The funny thing about worry is that it seems to be a more often than not reason, or excuse for not doing and not challenging myself to do better, to do more and to achieve.

It has to be worth it to take the risk. I most definitely prefer the calculated risks I take daily. From opening the front door and going for a walk to the application to work for someone. It’s a calculation with fallback planning included in the risks. I believe I can do, maybe that’s enough to have some ease next risk I take.

Be well friends

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