The great escape

So Friday last week, while Mistress away at her thing Thomas O’Malley fell off the balcony which is a second story balcony.

Over the weekend we all in the local community have made multiple attempts to bring him back home.

Thomas O’Malley

Today I was out on the balcony listening to see if I  could hear him and as luck would be i heard him call out.

Today I was prepared, I brought the carrier, rope a stepping stool and a hatchet 🪓 and went about the recovery of my best friend. The rope attached to the handle of the carrier, I climbed the fence.

Lots of brambles

The reason to climb the fence was to rescue him, the fact that I had to do it more than once to rescue him is just the icing on the cake so to speak. A little bit about Thomas, we got Mr O’Malley with his sister Empress Shurri as 6 week old kittens. They have been to the vet and had all their shots. They are an energetic pair.

The pair

Thomas has lost a lot of weight but he is eating and looks happy to be back, eager to get back out onto the balcony but I think we will take things slow with the out in the chasing down squirrels territory for him.

I heard you buddy, I heard you all weekend, just couldn’t get to ya.