Check if you got covid

Monday, I picked up 2 test kits. Monday, I tested, and sure enough, I got the new variant of covid.

Did I vaccinate? Why, yes, I did as well as two of the three boosters.

The vaccine gave me a false sense of security in that I was protected. Turns out that this is not the case. Covid is still 🔥 through the masses because the masses haven’t thought it could still cause sickness. We all thought that we were safe after getting the vaccine, and so I hope that health officials are still taking this seriously and looking for something that long term will get rid of it like they have done with polio.

If you can spare time to go shopping you can spare some time to check yourself for covid.

Be safe and use a mask. Social distancing is preferable to rubbing up against every possible carrier of covid. We need to be smarter about this illness. I hope that you will join me in being a helpful person who checks from time to time even when you have been vaccinated.

My head is pounding as I write this.