This is only just the beginning

My kinky journey began the moment I woke up from the coma I was in. I had attempted suicide and boy did I do it wrong, and I get to enjoy the scars and recovery because of it. I “enjoyed” a year and a half in hospital before moving on to living on my own.

It was during a smoke break outside with a girl that I first got a taste of what was sitting inside waiting. She showed me her pictures on Fetlife and within 30 minutes I had a profile of my own created. Then the play party followed, it opened my mind up to the possibilities and I found my love for the kinky world, such freedom from all the prejudices my church filled upbringing showed me.

It took a bit of exploring before I settled into what I understood I am, a submissive male…not a sissy or cuck but I find contentment in my service, obedience and being used as a sex toy. If you want to know more read on. I may not provide any sexual stories but my goal here is just to express my thoughts on stuff, be it kinky or not.

If you wish to contact me there are two ways to do so, go find me on Fetlife, or tweet me.

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