I just realized

I am a good looking sexy man. Why wouldn’t I be a catch to any man or woman, it’s more a matter of if the right one who sees me as an equal is willing to take a chance on me.

I know that I have set what I am interested in as a person rather in a place where only someone who is both a caregiver and dominant can fill the role properly so I ask again does this person actually exist who will take what they want and actually love me for who and what I am rather than spurn me needlessly bruising me and setting me aside for another because it’s easier to do so? Or will they step in and hold me close so that I know that they will journey with me in discovery.

There is one who had claimed me, said on whispered words “mine” and I had acknowledged them with “yours”…but it seems that I have been forgotten and it hurts. Is what they claimed no longer the case? I hope that I am still theirs and so I send this out asking for a renegotiation of terms and so I can understand completely. I know that all of us are hurting but if healing is what you desire I’m still here bleeding from the wounds that you left and can bind them myself but if I do so it will mean that I will be separated from you. Adrift. I will allow you to bind them if you want to keep me. If you want to keep your pet so please don’t wait too long Angel.